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Sonali Sagare
RP, M.Ed (she/her/hers)

Virtual Sessions


  • Individuals (adults, teens 11+)

  • Family therapy

  • Couples therapy

  • International & post secondary students

  • Sessions in English, Hindi and Marathi

  • Specializing in working with issues such as abuse, violence, parenting, grief, anxiety, attachment, depression, anger, neurodivergence and trauma

Meet Sonali Sagare...

As a Registered Psychotherapist, I have been working over the last twenty-five years in the medical and health care sector, focusing but not limited to issues related to Mental Health, such as Anxiety and Depression, Domestic Abuse, and Trauma.


My experience includes working with teenagers, adults, couples therapy, groups and family therapy through holistic, client-centered, gender-based, culturally relevant assessments and interventions.


My expertise encompasses the goal of improving health and well-being of individuals and families. I have a well-developed understanding of the issues affecting individuals who are challenged by emotional and or physical abuse, violence, parenting, grief, separation, anxiety, depression, anger, relationships, and the impact of trauma.


I can exercise judgment and diplomacy in the presentation of sensitive information/issues. I am committed to addressing gender and cultural specific barriers/issues.


My approach is to be with client without judgement during a challenging time in their life through trauma informed, collaborative, and a strength-based practice and to empower individuals and families to move towards continued growth, compassion, and self-awareness. My hope for client is to build a positive sense of self, be part of a family, and be a productive member of society. 

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