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Kerry O'Meara

RP, Trauma Certified (she/her/hers) 

In Person & Virtual Sessions

  • Teens

  • Adults

  • Sessions in English

  • Specializing in issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, stress and life transitions.

Meet Kerry O'Meara...

I admire the strength and resolve it takes to move towards a more connected, authentic, and rewarding life. Through my practice, I provide a safe space for individuals to cultivate the insights and skills needed to create positive change.

​I am a Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and certification in Trauma-Focused Therapy. I provide services to teens and adults in the areas of trauma, anxiety, depression, anger, stress and life transitions.


Prior to pursuing a career in mental health, I worked as CYC worker, an artist and arts educator for over a decade. I understand the importance of creativity and individualized self-expression, and incorporate this knowledge into my work as a therapist.


You are the expert in your own experience. My goal is to use your unique insights to better understand how your experience has shaped who you are. Together we can foster a more compassionate view of ourselves, and create a hopeful vision of the future.

Kerry's Practice is Currently Full

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