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Angie Agrawal Holstein 
Founder, Psychotherapist,

Virtual and In Person Sessions

  • Individuals (adults and teens 11+)

  • Family Therapy

  • International & post secondary students

  • Sessions in English 

  • Specialization with Trauma, EMDR (certified therapist), Attachment, International Students, Anxiety, Depression and Relationship Issues

Meet Angie Agrawal Holstein...

In private practice, I have noticed that South Asian clients of all ages were self-referring with the goal of working with a therapist of their own cultural background. They were seeking to feel truly understood within their unique backgrounds and experiences.

In this healing work with clients from my own South Asian heritage, I’ve been able to explore all that has been stored within me, learned from both my professional life and personal lived experience. Issues such as the growing up first generation Canadian, survival, resilience, enmeshment, trauma, chronic shame, “I'm not good enough” beliefs, stressed parents, delayed adulting, academic pressure, patriarchy, cultural discourse, anxiety, depression, racism, intergenerational trauma and the legacy burdens of colonialism.

Shanti Psychotherapy has been founded as a way to channel my years of experience, skills and most importantly my dedication to the support of South Asian Mental Health, by creating a collective of like minded and skilled therapists, learning together and  supporting a larger portion of the community beyond what is the capacity of a single practitioner.  The need is great and the resources for culturally sound therapy is limited.  

Angie lives in Toronto with her partner and three children. She enjoys being in nature and spending time with friends and family. 

Angie's practice is full for new clients. Angie is available to consult with you in order to help match you with a therapist best suited to your needs.

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