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University Funding Supports

Navigating Mental Health Support as a University, College and International Student

The journey through university can be both exciting and challenging. Amid the academic pressures and personal transitions, mental health often takes center stage. It's crucial for students to be aware of the mental health support available to them. In this blog, we will provide options to the various resources students maintain their mental well-being. Don't hesitate to reach out and take advantage of these valuable resources. Your mental health matters.

For on Campus Support:

University Counseling Services

Peer Support

Mental Health Workshops and Programs

Online Resources

Student Health Services

For Private Therapy Options and Insurance:

Shanti Psychotherapy - Mental Health Clinic Specializing in South Asian Mental Health. * 416 605 9025 - Directory of South Asian Therapists by Country

Psychology Today -

​University of Toronto

Health and Dental Plan: Mental health

practitioners – up to $100/visit and 15

visits/policy year

Toronto Metropolitan University

Extended health coverage 100% coverage

The services of a psychologist,

counsellor/social Worker, Master of Social

Work or psychotherapists are covered to

a maximum of $1000 based on reasonable

and customary charges per benefit year.

York University

YSF Health and Dental Plan – $125 per

visit up to 15 visits

Humber College

80% covered at 300 dollars a year for a


George Brown College

80% up to $1,000 for services of a clinical

psychologist, psychotherapist (including

RSW and MSW social workers

Seneca College

The WeConnect Student Assistance

Program (SAP) provides eligible students

and their dependents with short-term

therapy, lifestyle counselling, courses,

tools, and events to improve mental and

physical health


100% per visit – 1000$ yearly

Ontario Tech

100% covered for max of $500 yearly

Centennial College

$500 Combined Maximum for a clinical

psychologist/ speech therapist

Trent University

Combined Maximum of $1,000 per

benefit year for:

Psychologist / Psychotherapist/ Social

Worker (MSW) / Speech Therapist *

Maximum of $1000 per benefit year per

participant for:

  • Psychological Educational Assessment / Testing *

University of Waterloo

Licensed Psychologists/Clinical

Counsellors/Psychotherapist/Masters of

Social Work – 80% per visit up to $800


Wilfrid Laurier University

Maximum of $100/visit, up to a

combined maximum of $1,000 per

benefit year

  • Psychologist**

  • Psychotherapist**

  • Social Worker (MSW)**

Conestoga College

Psychologist/Social Workers – 70% per

visit for an annual maximum of $300

Algonquin College

Up to 2000 for outpatient

psychologist/psychotherapy care

Niagara College

Up to 2000 for outpatient

psychologist/psychotherapy care

Queens University

Free access to Empwr Me

Psychologists, clinical counsellor or

practitioner with a Master’s degree in

Social Work:

90% per visit, annual maximum of $1000

Fanshawe College

Psychologist, Social Worker and


  • $1,000 combined maximum benefit per student year

McMaster University

80% up to 300 each year: combined

services: clinical psychologist,

psychotherapist or speech therapist

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